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Merlin's Vision Boxed Blank Cards

Set of eight blank cards printed in USA with white envelopes. Cards measure 5" x 7" and come packaged in a gift box. Story below is printed on the back of the cards.

"Merlin's Vision" hangs in Susan Wickersham's office at Alembic. Bob painted the picture over the course of three or four weekends in 1965, and took acid before beginning each session. This was the legend of the Red Dragon and the White Dragon fighting in a subterranean lake. It was the vibrations of the magical struggle which was the cause of difficulties in constructing a tower on the spot. Merlin was called in and determined the cause of the problem.

Bob Thomas is perhaps best known for his artwork on Grateful Dead album covers "Bearís Choice" and "Live Dead." Bob and Bear also designed the Grateful Deadís "Stealie" logo and the Alembic logo. Susan met Bob in 1969 at the Novato warehouse where the Dead were rehearsing. Bob lived on the mezzanine and Ron and Susan lived in an adjacent outbuilding. For several years he was her art mentor, his influence is still alive in Susan's artwork. Sadly, Bob passed away in 1993.


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