4 Ga Ring Terminals Crimpable 4pk

4 Ga Ring Terminals Crimpable 4pk
Item# 4GA-crimpable-4PK
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Product Description:

Ring Terminals keeps your system in balance. Terminals in 0Ga, 2Ga, 4Ga, 8 Gauge for high powered use, while just securing a connection even 22 Gauge Terminals are a good use. Very important in keeping your audio connections secure and safe from shorts or electrical fires.
4 Ga Ring Terminals Crimpable 4pk Gold-plated, crimp-on ring terminals to give strong secure power and ground wiring connections. The MEGA4 crimps onto 4-gauge wire.
Great for AMPS, Capacitors, Circuit Breakers, and High Current-Gear
  • Gold plated crimp-on power rings with rubber insulators
  • 4 Gauge 4pk (2-RED)(2-BLACK)