Pond Pine - Containerized

Pond Pine - Containerized
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Price listed is for 50 seedlings.

POND PINE (Pinus serotina) -
Pond pine also called marsh pine, bay pine and pocosin pine, and is a medium-sized tree that grows on soils with a high water table. The species name, serotina, means “late” and refers to the delayed opening of the cones, up to two years. This species grows from New Jersey southward through the coastal plains of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia to central Florida. Within its native range it is most frequently found on wet or poorly drained sites. This species makes excellent growth on mineral soils or on land that is not continuously waterlogged. Like other pine species with serotinous cones, pond pine cones open and release seed soon after exposure to heat from fire. Pond pine is utilized for lumber and pulpwood. This tree grows on wet sites where other commercial species will not grow. The pocosin and pond pine stands are considered a major wildlife sanctuary.