White Pine 2 Yr. Standard Density Treated D & P

White Pine 2 Yr. Standard Density Treated D & P
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Price listed is for 500 seedlings. Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) Often referred to as white pine or northern white pine, this species occurs naturally throughout the mountains and into the upper Piedmont. It is found extensively in southern Canada, the Lake States, the northeastern states and throughout the Appalachian Mountains to northern Georgia. It grows in pure stands or in a mixture with many other species. White pine is a large tree, commonly 100 feet or more in height and 2 to 4 feet in diameter. In the forest it produces a tall straight, cylindrical bole that supports a crown of horizontal branches. In open grown conditions it develops a rapidly tapering bole with a broad, conical crown of living branches that extend almost to the ground. The needles are soft bluish-green, flexible, and in bundles of five. It is most abundant and reaches its best development on moist but well-drained sandy loams or loamy clays. The wood of eastern white pine is light, soft, easily worked, and durable. It is suitable for many purposes including millwork products such as fancy molding, sashes, doors, and trim. It is also used for containers, crates, matches, pattern stock, cabinets, and lumber. Squirrels, ruffed grouse, songbirds, and small mammals consume the seeds. White pine is not suitable for street or roadside planting although it makes an excellent ornamental for parks and lawns. Other uses include planting for Christmas trees, planting along property lines and other open areas for windbreaks, and as a noise barrier. The bluish-green needle of the white pine offers a contrasting color when planted with other conifers.