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Special Offers

Listed here are our current special items and limited time offers. Click on each item to learn more.

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Smartypants Tavern Puzzle
Happy May! Save 10%!

Forged Display Stand
Individual display stands will hold one puzzle. Stands are gift-boxed; box will hold one puzzle with stand. Forged base. Approx. 14.5" h. Forged base stand on sale. Save 10%. No coupon needed.

Home Run Puzzle Special
Your choice of 4 puzzles at a special price.
Don't miss out.

Blacksmith's Choice Set
Chosen by the blacksmith, the four puzzles in this set include one design from each of the four levels of difficulty. Two designs, Conestoga Playmate and Patience Puzzle, are traditional designs. Tinkerís Bell and Smartypants are both original designs Display all four puzzles on the puzzle perch, a special edition with our signature logo medallion. Limited time sale - Save 15%

3 Hook Wall Rack with 3 Puzzles
Any 3 puzzles of your choice, plus the Rosette 3 Hook Wall Rack at a special price.

No charge for personalization.

GRAND SLAM Tavern Puzzle Special
It's a grand slam of Tavern Puzzles! Choose any 4 puzzles and a display option of either 2 forged base single display stands or the 4 hook wall-mounted puzzle perch.

Picture Frame Packing Puzzles
Closeout! Save 35%. Only a few left of each.

The three bestselling Tavern Puzzles of all time. All are based on traditional designs that are centuries old.

Collector's Dozen
Collector's Dozen Special - Save $28.50! Your choice of 13 puzzles, for the price of 12.

Tavern Puzzle Classics
Six designs that began the Tavern Puzzle Collection

Complete 39
Can't wait to build your collection slowly? Then this deal is for you.

Creative Crafthouse
Selected styles on sale now. Wood puzzles and brainteasers, beautifully laser engraved.

2016 Limited Edition COLLABORATIVE EFFORT. Free personalization included.

Prior Years Limited Editions
Demonstration by Blacksmith Dennis Sucilsky
Click the link above to find out if Dennis will be making an appearance in your area.

Corporate Gifts
It's time for something different!

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