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"All toys are hereby declared, Illegal, Immoral, and Unlawful!" One wonders whether the Burgermeister would have declared these toys unlawful considering he himself is finally a toy!

Back from a rare warehouse find! Limited and vintage from 2004!

Posable Holiday Figures based on the classic favorite from Rankin/Bass, Santa Claus in Comin' To Town. This new set of action figures are in the same 6 inch scale as the Memory Lane Rudolph action figure line. Set includes six figures:

1. Kris Kringle

2. Miss Jessica

3. Topper

4. Tanta Kringle

5. Burgermeister Meisterburger

6. Grimsley.

Comes with six pieces in set, each individually carded packaging, by Playing Mantis / Memory Lane, 2004