Here Come The ABCs - DVD / CD Set

This hour long DVD is a ultra-vivid and highly entertaining introduction to the alphabet, with wonderful puppets, brilliant animations and live performances by TMBG.

Alphabet of Nations, E Eats Everything, Flying V, I Am a Robot, Q U, Go for G!, Pictures of Pandas Painting, D & W, Fake-Believe, Can You Find It?, Introducing the Vowel Family, Vowel Family, Letter/Not a Letter, Letter Shapes, Alphabet Lost and Found, I C U, I Am a Robot (Type B), John and John Introduce, Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?, Rolling O, L M N O, Introducing C Is for Conifers, C Is for Conifers, Fake-Believe (Type B), D Is for Drums!, Introducing ZYX, ZYX, Goodnight My Friends, Here Come the ABcs!, Introducing the Bonus Tracks, Clap Your Hands, Here in Higglytown (Theme to Playhouse Disney's Higglytown Heroes)

CD is also included!